About Us

Patra Selections was established in 1964 and offers the best in natural fabrics.

We are committed to the benefits of wearing natural fabrics, especially pure silk and silk mixes. Unlike synthetic fabrics, Patra silk is light, supremely comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. Silk contains amino acids, known to be beneficial to the skin! No wonder silk is now a standard ingredient in the best cosmetics.

As experts in silk, we source and hand select our fabrics with great care, making sure that we only offer items of superior quality, made from the most suitable type of silk for each particular style of garment.

All our items are exclusive and designed in-house with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our many customers have come to expect nothing less. From our unique silk underwear range, so wonderful against the skin that once tried we know you'll not want to wear anything else to our super silk outerwear, we always design with style, comfort and manageability in mind.

The best way, perhaps the only way, to appreciate the unique quality of this natural range is to try it yourself. Ordering is easy and every order is backed by our money-back guarantee. And as we supply to you directly, we can offer you the best quality products at a great price.